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  • Every article that shall be published in the journal “Logistics and Transport" is reviewed by at least two independent reviewers.
  • According to the double-blind peer review the reviewers’ names are not disclosed.
  • The Publisher allows for appointing reviewers from the home institution. In that case, however the reviewer is obliged to fill out, in addition to the review form, the statement of absence of conflict of interests (Statement of absence of conflict of interests).
  • The author (i.e. corresponding author) is informed by the Publisher about the review status, as soon as the reviewer submits the review.
  • Every review shall be in writing and draw clear conclusions as for allowing the article for publication or rejecting it.
  • The editorial secretary sends to the author (i.e. corresponding author) the review. Where observations are submitted, the author shall have a proper term to reply to them.
  • In case of a negative review the author (i.e. corresponding author) has the right to answer the allegations raised by the reviewer.

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