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The journal “Logistics and Transport” pursues the policy of ethical rules based on the COPE’s Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors, including a. o. the policy of fair play, prevention of conflicts of interests of the members of the editorial board, timeliness, confidentiality, prevention of conflicts of interests between reviewers, prevention of conflicts of interests between authors, fair presentation of study reports, originality of the work, reliability of sources, elimination of errors in the published works. For detailed information, see:


We wish to inform that scientific journals in the field of human and social sciences must fulfill rigorous standards. These standards were developed jointly by NSD and ESF and are based on the guiding principles used by ESF SCH in ERIH and by the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions and in the Norwegian Register of Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers.


The editorial office shall document any forms of scientific misconduct, particularly breaking the code of obligatory conduct in science. The editorial office shall explain that ‘ghostwriting’ and ‘guest authorship’ are indications of scientific misconduct, and all cases of such actions made by authors will be disclosed, with notification to the proper institutions.


Authors submit original research articles which weren’t published in whole or in part in any other authors team and ensure that the submitted article wasn’t submitted for publication in another journal, collective work etc. The authors are obliged to inform on the degree of originality of their article in an appropriate statement.


The editorial office shall inform that all the cases of malpractice will be disclosed, including the notification to the proper entities (institutions employing the authors, scientific associations, scientific editorial associations etc.). The editorial office documents any forms of scientific misconduct. The articles submitted to the editorial office are checked by the anti-plagiarism system.


The journal “Logistics and Transport” is published by the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław, (existing from 2001), ul. Sołtysowicka 19b, 51-168 Wrocław, tax identification number (TIN): 895-174-97-82.


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