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The Logistics and Transport journal published its first issue in 2005.

From the very beginning, the group of authors consisted of scientists, practitioners not only from Poland but from other countries, so that the journal could be a platform for the exchange of achievements and information of the entire logistics research community. In the period 2005 - 2009, the texts of scientists from Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were published. Since 2009, the journal has been published exclusively in English, which aims to increase the readership.

In the next step, changes concerning publication procedure and tools for its implementation were introduced. The Open Journal System was implemented, which as one of the leading solutions for the publication of scientific journals allowed the use of editorial practices of the international scientific community.

The journal Logistics and Transport puts great emphasis on the quality of published materials. The journal has recorded high parametric results during all its years of publishing, which can be proved by the uninterrupted high rating parameter of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.




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